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Hanukkah 2009

Y’all, school ate MY WHOLE LIFE. I was barely cooking, and I clearly wasn’t blogging. I thought things would go back to normal after midterms, but as you can tell by my disappearance in the middle of Soup Week, they DID NOT. But I survived the term and I am now on winter break. Which means: a) cooking, b) baking, and c) posting about stuff that’s been sitting around in my pictures folder since September. Yes. The excitement is palpable.

Last Saturday we had a Hanukkah party. I love Hanukkah, and I especially love our Hanukkah parties. We had candles and our menorah, of course:  

This photo isn’t from Saturday; it’s from a couple of nights ago.

We had grape juice and apple cider and two large bottles of Manischewitz wine, one of which was entirely done in, mostly by 3 of my friends. I did mix Manischewitz with Bombay Sapphire gin, to make a drink that the internet calls a Mazel Tov cocktail but that I prefer to call gin & Jews. Because that’s just funny.

I made latkes, modifying the recipe from Colleen Patrick Goudreau’s The Vegan Table. I served them with sour cream and applesauce, of course.

My husband & our friend Brian made Spinach Noodle Kugel from Veganomicon, which was DELICIOUS.

In fact, this meal was so good that it’s what our family had the next night, too. I topped my latkes with french onion dip made with Tofutti’s Sour Supreme and Simply Organic’s French Onion Dip mix – OMNOMNOM.

This was all superb and happy and yum. However! The edible glory of the night was none of these things… because I made doughnuts. Fluffy yeasted heavenly sufganiyot (this recipe, specifically), covered in powdered sugar and served hot. I didn’t fill them with anything, as this was my first time making anything like this and I wanted to be sure everything worked with the simplest methods available before I got all fancy. And? These were incredible. Seriously. Each batch was gone before the next batch had left the pan.  Everyone raved, and I was thrilled and proud. So where are the photos? They seem to have disappeared in the process of uploading them from the camera. I could cry my face off! I can’t find them anywhere! Sadly, the only photographic evidence I have is this photo of my flour- and sugar-dusted shoes and baggy tights:


The teenagers amused themselves by reading one of my vintage dictionaries:  

And Jenny adorned me with a tiny hat:

Wonderful, joyful party. Happy Hanukkah!

birthday cake and pie

I’m interrupting Soup Week for a one-off post about chocolate. I know, it’s tough to read about chocolate, but bear with me, and there will be more soup tonight. Heh.

My one and only offspring turned 16 (!!!) the Saturday before last. I offered to make him a cake or some cupcakes, and he sat down with some of my cookbooks to decide what he wanted. He brought me Veganomicon and said, “This!” while pointing to the recipe for Smlove Pie. Yes! I’d been wanting an excuse to make it!

Yes, this pie lives up to the hype.

He also wanted a chocolate-cinnamon cake of some sort (“Chocolate cake, mom. With lots of chocolate. And chocolate frosting. And some cinnamon would be good.”) I chose Veganmania‘s Best Vegan Chocolate Cake recipe, adding some cinnamon to the dry ingredients. I topped it with a vegan chocolate buttercream, also with a bit of cinnamon sprinkled in. I sifted cinnamon over the top, and added green decorator’s sugar and chocolate sprinkles. It was, I have to admit, ugly.

Also,I really could use a cake stand.

HOWEVER. This cake is aptly named – it truly is the Best Vegan Chocolate Cake – rich, deeply flavored, dense, moist. DELICIOUS. The offspring was thrilled with it, and everyone raved. So: SUCCESS.

Also, make that cake. Make it right now. You won’t be sorry. I bow to you, VeganMania goddess.

halloween! – veganmofo 15 and final

3930562108_f07c8dec17Yeah, I’m totally going to cheat and call this a VeganMofo post – even though I’m posting it November 1, it’s about yesterday. So there.

HALLOWEEN! We had a party! I made some foods! Please view many, many photos!

spooky cupcakesSpooky vanilla cupcakes tinted either purple or green, topped with vanilla buttercream (recipes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World). purple cupcake!

Purple cupcake!

green cupcake!Green cupcake!

mummy cupcakesMummies! Red velvet cupcakes with piped vanilla buttercream (again, recipes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World). more mummies

vegan mummy cucpakes take over the world

even more mummies

red velvet

Vegan mummy cupcakes take over the world!

ooooohummusoooooSpooky black bean hummus with garlic sauce and bone toast.


“Guacamoldy”! Made it in the food processor instead of mashing by hand, to make it a little bit more reminiscent of slime.

white bean aioli“Vampires of the world, beware” white bean aioli (from Veganomicon) with sourdough toasts (bone, moon, and bat).

shaped sourdough toastsBats, and moons, and bones – oh my!

crispy flour tortillasOven-crisped whole wheat flour tortillas.

june cleaverJune Cleaver! Get it? Cleaver! Hee! With lethal chopping action and delicious vegan cupcakes!

ooooh spooky cocktailHuzbean and a spooky bubbling cocktail.

mrs. cleaver tipples a bitJune Cleaver does like her bloody poison.

hello fatherMrs. Cleaver shows Father Karras some “hospitality”. “That Regan girl had nothing on me, Father.”

Farewell, Halloween 2009! You were spectacular and I will miss you.

See more photos – and some video! – here.