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birthday cake and pie

I’m interrupting Soup Week for a one-off post about chocolate. I know, it’s tough to read about chocolate, but bear with me, and there will be more soup tonight. Heh.

My one and only offspring turned 16 (!!!) the Saturday before last. I offered to make him a cake or some cupcakes, and he sat down with some of my cookbooks to decide what he wanted. He brought me Veganomicon and said, “This!” while pointing to the recipe for Smlove Pie. Yes! I’d been wanting an excuse to make it!

Yes, this pie lives up to the hype.

He also wanted a chocolate-cinnamon cake of some sort (“Chocolate cake, mom. With lots of chocolate. And chocolate frosting. And some cinnamon would be good.”) I chose Veganmania‘s Best Vegan Chocolate Cake recipe, adding some cinnamon to the dry ingredients. I topped it with a vegan chocolate buttercream, also with a bit of cinnamon sprinkled in. I sifted cinnamon over the top, and added green decorator’s sugar and chocolate sprinkles. It was, I have to admit, ugly.

Also,I really could use a cake stand.

HOWEVER. This cake is aptly named – it truly is the Best Vegan Chocolate Cake – rich, deeply flavored, dense, moist. DELICIOUS. The offspring was thrilled with it, and everyone raved. So: SUCCESS.

Also, make that cake. Make it right now. You won’t be sorry. I bow to you, VeganMania goddess.

mmmm, hot chocolate – veganmofo 6

3930562108_f07c8dec17My husband asked me, in that way of asking that isn’t so much a question as an anvil-sized hint, “Don’t you want to make some hot chocolate?” Why, yes, darling. Yes, in fact, I do. It’s wet and chilly and this past week didn’t have nearly enough joy.

Dinner was a Boca burger and fries. Um, technically, that meal was dinner AND lunch, as I was not so great at feeding myself today. Oops? Anyway, I didn’t photograph it, because everyone know what a Boca burger and fries looks like. Of course, everyone knows what hot chocolate looks like, too, but that didn’t stop me! cocoa

hello kitty mug

Because a Hello Kitty mug makes everything taste better. yay fall!

 Good Karma whole grain rice milk and Ibarra Mexican chocolate. Oh! And some Sweet & Sara marshmallows (torn into little pieces) on top. Yes, of course I have Dandies, but I didn’t want to open a package just for two marshmallows. I wish I’d had a can of Soyatoo Whip – that’d been even better than marshmallows.

My husband spiked his with cinnamon schnapps. Not me. Not ever, no way, me and cinnamon schnapps are DONE FOREVER I MEAN IT. We had a bad breakup.

I know it’s not much of a post, y’all, but hot chocolate! Mexican hot chocolate! Is love!