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mmmm, hot chocolate – veganmofo 6

3930562108_f07c8dec17My husband asked me, in that way of asking that isn’t so much a question as an anvil-sized hint, “Don’t you want to make some hot chocolate?” Why, yes, darling. Yes, in fact, I do. It’s wet and chilly and this past week didn’t have nearly enough joy.

Dinner was a Boca burger and fries. Um, technically, that meal was dinner AND lunch, as I was not so great at feeding myself today. Oops? Anyway, I didn’t photograph it, because everyone know what a Boca burger and fries looks like. Of course, everyone knows what hot chocolate looks like, too, but that didn’t stop me! cocoa

hello kitty mug

Because a Hello Kitty mug makes everything taste better. yay fall!

 Good Karma whole grain rice milk and Ibarra Mexican chocolate. Oh! And some Sweet & Sara marshmallows (torn into little pieces) on top. Yes, of course I have Dandies, but I didn’t want to open a package just for two marshmallows. I wish I’d had a can of Soyatoo Whip – that’d been even better than marshmallows.

My husband spiked his with cinnamon schnapps. Not me. Not ever, no way, me and cinnamon schnapps are DONE FOREVER I MEAN IT. We had a bad breakup.

I know it’s not much of a post, y’all, but hot chocolate! Mexican hot chocolate! Is love!