Vegan Chubosaurus

what this fat vegan eats


I’m an artist, crafter, mom, student, wife, friend, feminist, bibliovore, lapsed writer, frequent hermit, HAES advocate, coffee snob, and nerd in Seattle. I always have books under my pillows – but never cookbooks, because reading them in bed makes me too hungry to sleep.

I’m also fat, and a vegan. I’m a fat vegan. I exist. This blog is my way of fighting the stigma of fatness – the stigma of fatness in American culture, and the stigma & invisibility of fatness in veganism – while also advocating for veganism as a beautiful, compassionate choice that brings joy, abundance, and really tasty food. I’m also aiming for some myth-debunking: Talking about what I eat, and showing pictures of what I eat, will not only show that fat people do not sit around shoving Cheezy Poofs (or, for vegans, Tings) and Mallomars (or, for vegans, Newman-Os) in their mouths nonstop, it was also show how veganism in no way equals deprivation. Bring on the tasty noms!


  fortheloveofguava wrote @

Amen sister! You’re taking such an important place in the movement! I don’t know how many conversations people try to get into with me about “dieting” and “if I’ve lost weight” as soon as they find out I’m vegan. It’s frustrating but it’s also a chance to address those issues I suppose… keep doin’ lady!

  veganchubosaurus wrote @

Thank you so much for this comment. <3 <3 <3

  laura wrote @

i’m super excited to find your blog. i’ve been vegan a few years and fat my whole life. i feel really alone sometimes, in the vegan community, as a fat woman and an advocate of HAES. it’s really nice to be able to read this blog and know that there are more of us out there!!

  dark9horse wrote @

I am so grateful to have found your blog!!! I’ve been vegan for years and coping with guilt for not being the person I thought I had to be: the absolute vegan role-model because I am not a tiny, sporty, super powered creature who can justify her veganism by its magical transformative powers. Thank you so much for being a body-positive advocate, and encouraging others of us to do the same. Keep it up with the humanity and health WITH happiness embodiment! Just because

  dark9horse wrote @

P.S. no idea where the ‘just because’ came from…oops.

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