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cauliflower steaks – April 19

Dear Internets,

Once upon a time I started a food blog and updated it fairly regularly. And then I went back to school full-time. And then all those winter holidays happened. And then winter quarter started, again full-time. And then I was spending most of my time with an ailing friend. And then I suffered the most spectacular ankle sprain I, personally, have ever seen, and was immobilized for almost two months. And then… well, you know – blah blah lifecakes, and four months passed with nary a blog post. Anyway, things are better now, and I am making weekly meal plans and cooking most every night again. Which is beautiful, because I missed it ever so. So on to some food!

Some time ago, I saw this post on What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat, Anyway? and – despite having no idea what sous-vide even means – I was inspired. So it was the first thing I thought of when I was planning last week’s dinners. I followed their post back to the post that originally inspired them, and went from there. I replaced the chicken stock with veggie stock and the milk with almond milk (obviously).

Following recommendations I found on other sites, I put the steaks in the oven after cooking them in my cast-iron pan. This was supposed to help them get more tender.

Pretty, right? They were still quite crisp and toothsome, even after baking. However, they had great flavor. I served them over the rosemary (+ garlic, of course) puree described in the original recipe, with cumin-scented texmati brown rice and a lovely salad on the side.

The offspring was not considerably impressed, but he’s having some sort of grudge against cauliflower right now. I, however, thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it, and will make it again (with some tinkering aimed at increasing tenderness).

Earlier that afternoon, I modified one of the recipes from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar to make almond shortbread with chocolate ganache.

Yeah, I always start out intending to photograph the entire process, but then I forget halfway through.

The shortbread was good. Not great, but good. Perhaps too thick. Delicious, however, with coffee and tea. However, for a shortbread that will really send your tastebuds to heaven, you must try Kreeli’s whipped chocolate and orange blossom shortbread – it’s absolutely incredible.

P.S. Any recipe that requires or uses a stand mixer is made possible by my wondrous friend Alyssa, who bestowed upon me the KitchenAid mixer that lives (and is adored) in my kitchen. With or without the mixer, I couldn’t ask for a better friend, but she deserves constant thanks every time that lovely machine is used.