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pumpkin cupcakes (and a pumpkin) – veganmofo 10

3930562108_f07c8dec17October makes me want to make truckloads of pumpkiny baked goods. I am far from alone in this, I know. Last week, I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from The Damn Tasty Guide to Vegan Baking and inexplicably failed to get a photo before they were all gone. I’d put Halloweeny sprinkles on them and everything! Happily, they were all nommed up at our pumpkin carving on Saturday…which meant we were out of homemade baked goods! Oh, darn, I had to make something new! ;)

So I made Isa’s & Terry’s Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, and topped them with their cinnamon glaze.

IMG_1142IMG_1143IMG_1145IMG_1146IMG_1152IMG_1154 2

I even put them in Halloween-themed cupcake liners! I know this is a silly number of photos, but they’re just so pretty. Oh, and delicious. Tiny bat-wrapped morsels of autumnal heaven.

And I finished carving one of my pumpkins! IMG_1137

Yay! I love Halloween!



  Kris wrote @

Ooh, I offered to bake cupcakes for a potluck this Friday and forgot that recipe in VCTOTW existed! Yum, now I know what to make!

  veganchubosaurus wrote @

They are so good! I think they’re perfect for a potluck, too – people will love them!

I’m usually quite moderate when it comes to sweets, limiting myself to one a day, but between these cupcakes and your fantastic cookies, it’s been hard to not eat more! So good! And speaing of your cookies – my guests loved them; they flew off the table!

  Kelly wrote @

Yum! I just made the same cupcakes the other day, but I was too lazy to make the frosting. Yours look excellent with it!

  veganchubosaurus wrote @

I wasn’t sure about the cinnamon glaze, honestly. I had been thinking about forgoing it and making a cinnamon-spiked buttercream instead. I’m so glad I didn’t! The cinnamon glaze is beautiful and sticky and delicious!

  Mo wrote @

That pumpkin is amazing!!!

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