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“I forgot to plan for dinner” dinner – October 12 – veganmofo 2


Apparently I have a knack for grossly overestimating my time-budgeting capabilities. Before this quarter started, I really did think that I could manage homework, studying, offspring time, cat time, spouse time, friend time, me time, and still be able to spend a couple of hours making dinner every night. Yes, I did. People can do that! Some people! I am not those people. Perhaps, had I not gotten bronchitis right as school began, at the same time that my husband got the (probably H1N1) flu, things would be different. But. All of those things happened, and the bronchitis took longer to get over than I thought, and last Friday was the stupidest Friday in the history of ever, which wrecked my entire weekend… all of which is to say: I’m behind on schoolwork, I’m behind on housework, I’m behind on blogging, and I haven’t been able to do meal planning or trips to the market since mid-September. And this is the sort of dinner that gets thrown together when I’m trying to catch up on homework and laundry while also baking a cake to use up the last of the carrots and we have very little in the house and I had no plan in place.

I like run-on sentences. A lot.


Gyros. You know, sorta. Food for Life’s Ezekiel pita bread (of course), which I wrapped in foil and warmed in the oven and which pretty much fell to pieces as soon as we touched it. I sauteed Viana’s Veggie Gyros strips, which I’d had several months ago and remember being much MUCH better than they were tonight. And HOLY GOATS is that stuff high in sodium! Anyway. Topped with green cabbage, orange tomatoes, and Karam’s Garlic Sauce (I talk about that stuff a lot, I KNOW, but it’s incredible and we use it all the time). IMG_1081

They were tasty enough, I suppose. Feel my enthusiasm!

I miss cooking real foods.

Oh, yes, I made a carrot cake, per the offspring’s request. IMG_1082

I used the recipe from The Joy of Vegan Baking (doubled), and I used Ener-G egg replacer instead of ground flax. Which may explain why the cake was more falling-apartish and less, uh, cakey. And, weirdly, the walnuts in the batter got super crunchy while the cake was baking. I reduced the sugar by one-quarter, and it’s still really sweet. And, um, I had a mishap with the nutmeg, so…yeah, it’s got a little bit of a nutmeg punch in the mouth. Though Colleen recommends using the grating blade on your food processor to make quick work of the carrots, I found the carrot shreds much too large and coarse; next time I’m going to take the time to grate them by hand using the wee side of my box grater – it’s less like coleslaw and more like cake that way. carrot cake

Seriously, look at those carrot pieces – they’re practically chunks! Oh, also, this is a photo of my son’s slice of cake, and he made an attempt to demand some sort of remuneration as the cake’s “agent”. Yeah, he’s 15 and he thinks he’s funny.

I used Terry’s & Isa’s VCTOtW cream cheese frosting recipe. I just like it.

Assignment! Tell me your favorite vegan hangover foods and cures, please!


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