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welsh rarebit lunch – october 7 – veganmofo 1!


Last week I got my hands on Dynise‘s book, The Urban Vegan: 250 Simple, Sumptuous Recipes from Street Cart Favorites to Haute Cuisine. After I got home from classes today, I was thinking about what to make for lunch, and I remembered the recipe for Welsh Rarebit I’d seen while paging through the book. I never did get around to eating Welsh Rarebit in my pregan life, but a cheesy sauce on toast sounded like just the thing for a post-school, recovering-from-bronchitis, gotta-make-something-quick-then-study-for-my-ASL-quiz lunch. As the recipe suggested, I used mature cheddar Cheezly (I LOVE YOU CHEEZLY!). I ended up using a dark beer, because the only other beer I have is Fat Tire’s Sunshine Wheat, and if I opened that to use a cup of it for lunch, I would have no choice but to finish the bottle WITH lunch, because that beer is just THAT GOOD, and if I’d started beering at 1:00, I wouldn’t have gotten any studying done. Which is all to say that my sauce turned out much browner than hers (and if you think that my lunch is anywhere near that pretty, this must be your first visit to my blog).

So, yeah. My sauce was brown, and I didn’t prettily halve my toast slices (forgot!), and I totally smothered my toast instead of spooning on just a bit. I also laid tomato slices on top of the toast before adding the cheesy goodness.



Looks totally unappetizing, right? I know! It looks horrible! But, friends, let me tell you – IT WAS SO GOOD. Cheesy, tangy, with body and flavor from the beer and a spicy kick from cayenne. Mmmmm mmmmm YUM.

I do have to add that it’s best to eat all your sauce as soon as it’s made; I saved mine and reheated it for dinner, and that didn’t work out particularly well.

Oh, in case you’re curious, my bread of choice is Food for Life’s Ezekiel Sesame.  I adore that stuff and try to make sure we always have at least two loaves in the house (one in the freezer).

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