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orange dinner – September 27

My husband brought these amazing Charentais (also called French Breakfast) melons home from the farmers’ market on Saturday. melonI had a quarter of one with breakfast (toast and coffee, because I am boring in the morning).

They are incredible. Seriously, I don’t think that I know enough adjectives to adequately describe these gems. I moaned while I was eating them – not just the first bite, but every bite. I scraped the rind with my teeth so as not to miss a single blissful drop. They are heaven. If ever you encounter one, you must bring it home with you.

For dinner, I roasted some beets (three Golden, two Chioggia). I had big plans to make a cumin vinaigrette to top them and a chickpea puree to accompany them, but that turned out to be wishful ambitioning. Oven-roasted beets are absolutely lovely all on their own, though.

I served them with Crescent Dragonwagon’s Outrageously Good Pan-Crisped Millet-Vegetable Cakes from her cookbook, Passionate Vegetarian (which also incorporate a beet, as well as a carrot, so it was a fairly orangey-pink dinner). I also threw together a green salad comprised of romaine lettuce, lemon cucumber, green cabbage, and these gorgeous orange tomatoes from our neighbor’s garden (more orange!).  beety dinner

There’s a small dollop of Karam’s Garlic Sauce next to the salad.


P.S. Millet? SO GOOD.

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  johanna wrote @

Whoa, suddenly LJ decided to catch up on your RSS feed!

I <3 both millet & the Dragonwagon cookbook (her mashed millet recipe is YUM). I haven't tried those little cakes though–must get on that!

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