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sushi dinner – September 25

Some days are just meh. Toast for breakfast (well, with coffee and a gorgeous nectarine). Leftovers for lunch (last night’s lasagna). The depression monster gets you, and everything seems hard, and you’re sitting around in your sloppiest yoga pants with messy hair while listening to a playlist made of all the saddest songs on your MP3 player, so you decide “to hell with it” and have cereal for dinner.

Except I didn’t. Well, I didn’t have cereal for dinner; everything else is spot-on (stupid depression monster). But I realized that cooking up some sushi rice and slicing an avocado would really not take that long and would make me a happier vegan chubosaurus than cereal would. (Not that there’s anything wrong with cereal, mind you; I love cereal.)

I made maki for the very first time last Friday. I was shocked at how easy it was. Granted, my rolls weren’t pretty or perfect, but they were definitively, deliciously maki. I’ve made sushi twice since then.


These rolls were filled with avocado, crispy tofu, and generous lashings of garlic gomasio (which just might be my new favorite condiment).

IMG_1051 2

So I made sushi, and I watched “Dollhouse” with my teenaged son, and I played some Kingdom of Loathing, and I felt a hundred times better. I think maki is magical.


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