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“egg” salad sandwich lunch – September 24

I didn’t budget my time well this morning, and I ended up skipping breakfast. Whoops.

But lunch!tofu egg salad

I had tofu egg salad on this seeded sourdough rye bread, a carrot, half of a lemon cucumber (sliced), a perfect pear, and coffee. This bread is amazing! I get it at the farmers’ market from a local bakery (Tall Grass Bakery, for you Seattleites) and it is seriously substantial – it feels like a brick, it weighs so much, and the seed-encrusting (I don’t think that’s a word) is pushing maximum density. Mmmmm.

How I make my “egg” salad: Imprecisely. Oh ho ho. Okay, really, I took a container of firm tofu (I use Island Spring, because they’re organic and local to me) and drained it and smushed some of the liquid out of it with my hands. Then, still using my hands, I smushed it up into crumbles in a bowl. Then I added some Vegenaise, yellow mustard, and a scant sprinkling of kala namak (black Indian salt). Then I tasted it. Then I adjusted the Vegenaise & mustard & kala namak, tasting as I went. I added teensy amounts of kala namak at a time – I wanted it to be eggy, but I didn’t want to overdo it (a mistake I made with my first omelets). Once the egg flavor was  to my liking, I added some sea salt & black pepper, and it was good. I’ve always liked my egg/”egg” salad simple.

Take a lesson from me, though – don’t eat this lunch at your desk. Unless you want to spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning seeds and ersatz egg salad out of your keyboard and off your floor (or, in my case, off my shoes, as I have a pair under my desk). Argh! It was totally worth it, though. Nom nom!



  KateF wrote @

Hi Sarrabellum

(I realise that this is the right place to post, so I’m happy for you delete it after you’ve read it, I just wanted to say “thanks”)

I saw your post on Fat Heffalump’s sit and your comments were right on the money. As the mother of a child with an intellectual impairment I find her use of f**ktard completely offensive.

Unfortunately, this particular blogger never apologizes ever for any of her sometimes incredibly offensive remarks and will never admit to being in the “wrong”. Just look to her other blogs and you’ll see that she has little to no respect for anyone who takes an opposing view to hers.

It’s a great shame because some of her writings border on good, but until she knocks the gigantic chip of anger off her shoulder she’s not going to be able to contribute to the dialog.

Standing around insulting people with hate language just appeals to the low ground.

So thank you, from me and my son for standing up and saying something. Every time someone stands up to a bully it tells that bully that not everyone agrees with them



  Naomi wrote @

That bread looks amazing. I love seeded bread (my husband always refers to it as spit bread) and sourdough and rye so this looks lovely….

I have a question and forgive me if this is obvious. Why do you spell veganism with the star?

I like this blog!

  veganchubosaurus wrote @

Hey Naomi! Thank you for commenting. I have to know why your husband calls seeded bread “spit bread”? I’m giggling and intrigued.
As for the asterisk, it’s something I’ve seen used other places as a way of encompassing all forms of veganism and vegetarianism. So, while I’m definitively vegan, I was talking about both vegetarianism and veganism, and “veg*nism” is the easiest way to do that. :)*n

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